Product Instructions

If you DO NOT have a "White Label" on the back of your KEE Gold Tester, there is still time to upgrade!!!

Kee Gold Analyzer Instructions:



1) Turn Kee Gold Analyzer (KGA) off when not in use (battery will die)

2) Keep Cap snapped on Wand when not in use (Wand will dry out)

Basic Instructions:

1. Turn KGA on

2. Remove Cap from Wand

3. Calibrate KGA with known piece of 18K, set meter to center of white zone.

4. Test items

5. Replace Cap to Wand and Turn KGA off when done.

Changing the battery:

1. Turn KGA off and remove testing wand and wires.

2. Remove protective rubber cover.

3. Remove the two Phillips screws.

4. Gently pull KGA apart

5. Replace the one AA Battery with a fresh one, reassemble

 Things to Know:

  "US Patented"

 *KGA works best at room temperature.

  *Replacement Wands available.

 KEE Gold " Prospector" Model M-509-GM Calibrate Instructions:



KEE Gold Analyzer Instructions



  • Plug red lead wire into either "slot E or slot G" on the meter.
  • Plug black lead wire into "slot F" on meter.
  • Turn on meter at location "B".
  • Calilbrate meter "C" to center of 18k zone, while testing a known peice of 18k
  • Polish gold to be tested with tip from testing probe "P".
  • Place gold on integrated test plate "D" or clip with allligator tip "L".
  • Place contact tip of pen "Q" on gold at (3) three different areas,
    concentrating on a "high wear area".
  • If you get different readings each time, use the polishing tip or file and retest.