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Frequently asked questions


How do I calibrate my meter?

 Calibrating your meter is easy. All you need to do is test a piece of known 18k gold, and while testing, turn the adjusting knob until the meter needle is centered in the white 18k zone.

Why won’t my meter calibrate to 18k anymore?

 When your meter will not calibrate to 18k, it normally means the battery needs to be replaced. Please follow the directions for “replacing battery” in the Q&A section. It can also mean the probe needs replaced this will depend on usage and probe care. Always replace battery first. (Note: If the probe is left with cap off, this will greatly reduce the life of the probe.)

How do I change the battery?

 First remove the black rubber protective case from the meter body. Remove the 2 phillips head screws from the back of the case. Replace the single AA battery and reassemble. (Note: because of the unique operating system of this meter, use only new, fully charged batteries!)

How Long will my testing probe last?

This all depends on use. We expect the test probe to last several months. If the meter is only used occasionally, the life span will be increased. Leaving the cap loose or off will greatly reduce the life of the probe.


Why is this meter analog instead of digital?

Although digital is the latest technology, it is not always suitable for all conditions and jobs. Because of the delicate nature and variables of testing gold, we at KEE Gold decided that a quality analog meter movement is a better fit for this job. Analog movements show all the different variables that can be found testing gold and gold plate. This gives the user an easy to see needle, that can become very quick to read and understand.   




 Video clips demonstrating these instructions coming soon!!