About Us

If you DO NOT have a "White Label" on the back of your KEE Gold Tester, there is still time to upgrade!!!

KEE Gold Corp was founded by entrepreneurs and inventors whose focus was to make gold testing easy. One of the founders had been using several different meters that required a lot of steps to test one piece of gold. Noting the time and the materials being used, two other founding members decided efficiency, ease, and "no mess" were needed to improve the testing process.

That goal has been achieved with the "Patented" KEE Gold "Prospector" M-509GM

We have developed and Patented an affordable, reliable and "user friendly" gold/platinum purity analyzer that does NOT require messy gels or acids. We wanted to keep it simple and to make the testing process fast. "Time is money." This analyzer will pay for itself in a short period of time. We use it frequently during the course of one business day and won't be using any other meter because nothing else measures up to the ease of the Prospector by KEE GOLD Corp.


  Just a shout out to anyone looking to buy or upgrade your gold tester. I've been using the Kee Gold Tester since the Newport Beach conference, and I wholeheartedly recommend it. I've been using an old Tri Electronics tester for years, and am constantly having to replace the cables, sensor and alligator clips, not to mention all the gel I've gone through. The Kee tester is so much easier to use with none of the mess associated with most other testers. Also, custormer support from these folks is second to none!

Sam Schulman

The Keegold Meter tester is our first choice of any gold testing devise or acids we have ever used.  It is easier to use, quicker and is not messy in any way.  You've gotta love that when you are testing many times throughout the day.

   The longer we have used it the better we've become at learning the uniqueness of the Keegold tester in better determining real vs fake pieces of jewelry and their sometimes mismarked purity content the much easier way.  

   We were fortunate enough to have a prototype while this tester was in development stages.  It was a winner even before the refinements they have made. No gold tester or even acid is fool proof, but this is the very closest to that. 


Gold Coin & Diamond Exchange

Logan, Utah


  I’ve been using the KEE Gold tester for several months and I really like how easy it is to use.  A batch of 14k scrap gold was sent to the smelter. The analyzer was 100% accurate. Nothing was sent back as bad gold.

     Karen S.    Pennsylvania

  In our store we handle everything from estate jewelry to bullion and we don’t know how we have existed without this particular testing unit. We have tried the rest and now are convinced we have the best!

   Kyle and Ashley  E.   New Jersey